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Cluster Manager of the Year 2016 - The contest is now started!2016. október 28. (péntek) 12:27 - Elindult a verseny az év klasztermenedzsere díjért.


Cluster Manager of the Year 2016: the Contest is now started!

Dear Cluster Managers and Cluster community,


The European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General (DG GROWTH) believes that cluster organisations play a key role in raising the competitiveness and innovation strengths of European businesses and in shaping smart industries.


The Cluster Manager of the Year Award provides an opportunity for European Cluster managers to showcase their excellence and for the European Union to promote the excellence of European cluster initiatives.


The Award is organised by the team responsible for the European Cluster Observatory which is a key part of this process. A jury composed of international experts will pre-select three cluster managers who will be invited to give a speech at the European Cluster Conference 2016, on the Thursday 1st  December evening.


You can find attached to this email the application form that should be used to apply for this year’s contest. The deadline for application is set to 11th November 2016, midnight and applications should be sent to and For more information, please use the same contacts.


This year, a particular importance is put on your participation to the European Cluster Collaboration Platform activities, the European hub for cluster organisations and cluster collaboration, as an indicator of cluster management excellence.


We wish you every success with the award,


The European Cluster Observatory team

Visit the European Cluster Observatory at: